Welcome to Amber’s Artwork! Here, I will be posting some of my computer and traditional art, so stay tuned. Actually, I’ll post my character’s bio down below, so shoot me an RP if ya like!

\\ Amber ♥ Girl ♥ 18 ♥ Tomboy, will fight to the very end for her friends/bro (Storm), has a meltdown when someone else is mad/sad/annoyed, it hits her with physical pain ♥ Her parents threw her out only a week after her brother was born, because of her powers. She had heard of the legend of Mt. Ebott, and she climbed the famed mountain, jumping in. Coincidentally, this was after the first ever Genocide Run reset. No one trusted her, and started terrible rumors about her. She lived alone for a month, but then the gang (Sansy, Paps, etc.) found out that she was a normal monster, like them. They became friends, and Amber and Storm have been living in the underground peacefully for years… ♥ Mixed soul – left half green (kindness), right half yellow (justice), and bottom is red. (Determination) ♥ Power form is classified. //

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